Wren Gradey

looking for the secret

Spiral Dawning

What will Sarah take from the one who loves her most -

A few minutes later I became aware of a new sound.
It was strange, nothing I could readily identify. Like a rustling, heavy and near to the ground. And it was close.
I listened a moment longer, getting a bearing, and started for it. It never occurred to me to be frightened; the noise was completely nonthreatening.
As I got closer the frequency of the sound increased. It seemed my approach caused this, and soon I saw why.
Lying there, down in a little depression in the earth, behind some foliage, was a lamb. It was caked with mud, the white of its fleece barely showing through the grime that covered it. A pink tongue flickered in and out of its mouth, searching instinctively for the nourishment it needed. Something oozed from its left eye, and from the green color, I assessed the little creature was very sick.
I'd gotten close enough to touch the thing now, and it struggled frantically in reaction to the possible danger. Lunging forward, using only the will to survive as a means of propulsion, its muscles and ligaments were unable to respond in a cohesive way. It crashed into the ground.



What we want -

Kate entered Monday morning carrying one desire in her stride. She made it in early enough to have time before the weekly meeting, not early enough to see the setting stage. She set down her things and went to find Roslyn, avoiding sight of anyone else as best she could.
From the seat at her desk, Hillary watched the arrival. Gnawing teeth started up a chomping cadence, awaiting both eager and nervous.
'Roslyn?' Kate poked her head in the door asking permission.
Roslyn's head didn't lift. 'Good morning.'
'Can we talk?'
'Come in.'
Kate stepped in. Her hand closed the door.
Roslyn's head lifted. 'What about?'
'I'd like to ask what happened.'
'To what?'
'To Frank.'
'Is this the best time?'
'I don't have any other for it,' fear showed clear.
'Where did Frank go? I'm not where he got to yet, and there's only one entry left.'
Roslyn acquiesced. 'Wherever he was going, I don't think he made it Kate.'
'Then you finish for him.'
'What end can I give that will satisfy?' she asked answering as though there could be no other words, 'Frank went missing.'


The Last Three

He watches because he senses their impending encounters-

In the changing season of one long-ago year, a fading man sometimes recognized as Syd set out walking the narrow miles from London back to his Cambridge home, where he would stay for the longest part of his life. Behind him he left the start of what became so large his own mind could no longer hold it. Only his eyes glimpsed the stretching edge. Only there it showed sharp through two white, clouding corners.
He knew.
He knew because he'd seen.
There is a secret world.


Here's the way I see it.
It won't be the way you see it. I already said it was going to be how I see. But since you can see it too, in your way, something in what waits will overlap. That's what the excitement will be about.
That's what will bring the terrific flame.
When you find the inevitable fold, the hiding twist I can't quite make out, not to worry. Not to worry at all. Most interesting isn't where we differ. Most interesting, by far, is where we agree.
I see this.
There is a secret world.


Mad Genius

The Lost Garden